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Stelo Now Offers Limited Use Oracle GoldenGate Licenses

For data sourced from Oracle databases, Stelo has been using Oracle’s LogMiner technology for Change Data Capture (CDC) for years, but when we learned that Oracle was gradually deprecating their LogMiner technology in favor of their XStream technology we needed a new strategy.

What’s Changing?

  • LogMiner Technology is Being Depreciated
    Oracle technology changes are coming and will impact your CDC deployment if, and when, you start using Oracle version 19c or newer. Starting with version 19c, Oracle is transitioning away from the previous standard for CDC, LogMiner, in favor of the newer, faster, and more secure technology of XStream, included in Oracle Golden Gate (OGG).
  • XStream is Becoming the New Standard for CDC
    While you may be able to continue relying on LogMiner in the near future, eventually, you will have to move to Oracle XStream for Data Replication and CDC. We expect Oracle to continue to support high volume Data Replication and CDC, with further deprecation of LogMiner capabilities, and greater enhancement of XStream capabilities.

What’s at Stake?

  • Significant Performance Benefits
    Our benchmarking indicates throughput performance improvement of about 50% using XStream vs LogMiner.
  • Potential New Costs
    LogMiner is included in every version of Oracle, but XStream requires the purchase of additional OGG licenses. Oracle customers who are already licensed to use GoldenGate can leverage their existing OGG licenses for their SQDR configuration.

We're Making Moving to XStream Easy and Inexpensive

For others looking to add XStream technology, StarQuest is an Oracle independent software vendor (ISV), authorized to distribute a limited use GoldenGate license to leverage XStream’s high performance capabilities with SQDR. These limited use XStream licenses can only be used with SQDR, but cost less than OGG licenses. The table below provides a comparison of the standard OGG license and our limited use GG license, based on your data source core count.

XStream Licensing

Explore Your CDC Options

Oracle users will eventually have to move to XStream for Data Replication and CDC, We have fully integrated XStream into the currently version of SQDR. To learn more about the imminent changes to Oracle's API and your CDC options, download our white paper, “Oracle Databases: The Past, Present, and Future of Data Replication and Change Data Capture."