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The Stelo team has more than 30 years’ experience in creating, deploying, and supporting a flexible, resilient solution for delivering unlimited, near real-time data syncing and replication to enable connected ecosystems.

The Stelo Difference

Simplify Your Data Replication

Stelo frees organizations from the complexities and difficulties of static data pipelines to enable data ecosystems. We reliably support your legacy, current, and future needs as your data requirements evolve.

All supported source and target types are available to every user.

Dependence on data for daily operations is expanding across companies. Organizations need a resilient data replication tool to deliver data dynamically from wherever it may be stored, to wherever it is needed for business analytics, reporting, and prediction, or business operations, B2B interactions and supply chains, or for machine learning.

Stelo is responsive and agile compared to well-established large organizations (like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft) or small data replication companies thanks to the use of open standards, a wide breadth of supported sources and targets, a flexible and scalable deployment approach, and a cost-efficient pricing model. New source and target types are regularly added as new systems emerge and are popularized.

Achieve high data delivery rates and liberate your mission-critical IT systems and team members.

Stelo provides a stable custom solution that requires minimal attention from your IT team. It is easy to use and setup for fast project startup, typically deploying in less than a day. Deliver a frictionless experience without demanding complex coding from your team or contracting professional service engineers to implement it onsite.

Stelo is purpose-built to optimize your IT resources, both human and machine alike. Our technology minimizes impact on production systems to typically less than 1% of CPU by running on its own server. We further offload production systems by automatically enabling data transformation in transition, through the Stelo server.

Flexible deployment models are available to help you scale as your demands grow.

IT leaders face ever-increasing challenges. Cost-effective, efficient, and scalable real-time data replication shouldn’t be one of them. Stelo moves more data using a faster and more efficient method that requires fewer resources. Built-in expertise, configuration, and automation capabilities ensure ease of use.

Stelo meets your needs today and seamlessly scales to support your future organizational needs. We use open-standard practices to remain database managements system (DBMS) vendor agnostic, and we do not place limitations on the volume of data transferred or synced.

Stelo by the Numbers

30 Years

Number of Years Replicating Data

24 Hours

Average Time to Close a Support Ticket


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Data Availability Turnaround Time 

How We Launch

Stelo employs a tier-based licensing model. We prioritize offered load and tolerated latency as guiding deployment metrics to determine the replication instance, configuration, and licensing tier that best suit your application and budget needs. Keep in contact with our support team for version upgrades and architecture updates.


Define your data architecture needs, required data sources, and desired destinations.


We help you select the right licensing and deployment plan based on your data volume and latency needs.


Establish a virtual home for Stelo on your servers. We will provide a checklist and quick-start guide.


Our support team deploys Stelo. You quickly set it and forget it. Enjoy ongoing access to Stelo support.

30+ Years of Data Replication



Data replication expert, Paul Rampel, founds StarQuest, and becomes a leading OEM provider of data connectivity for Cisco, Microsoft, and IBM.

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Mar 2013


StarQuest develops Host Data Replicator (HDR) in conjunction with Microsoft.

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Mar 2013
Apr 2016


We enhance HDR with real-time replication and launch StarQuest Data Replicator (SQDR).

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Apr 2016
Jun 2016


StarQuest continues enhancing our product to meet emerging replication requirements.

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Jun 2016


Stelo, our new company brand, is introduced.

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Stelo’s highly experienced development team remains an industry leader in data replication.

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“We looked at 4 or 5 competitors, functionally Stelo was #1 and cost-wise they were in the middle. Working with the Stelo team proved they were very knowledgeable, helpful and very professional.”
Andrew Coffman
SQL DBA at Winsupply Inc.
“It’s set it and forget it. I no longer need to babysit the data. I go in there and everything is green and working, giving us the confidence that the replication is happening under the surface and giving us up-to-the-second data.”
Gregory R. Werner
IT Director at NWTF
“Site traffic has doubled since launching our new site. Also, customers now have the ability see their account information, orders and invoices. Stelo – it’s as real-time as it gets.”
Jon Fehringer
IT Manager at Top Notch Distributors

An Exceptional Team

With over 75 years of combined experience, the experts at Stelo can help you solve any data integration problem.

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Average 20+ Years of Experience in Data Mangement


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End-to-End Expertise in All Operating Systems, Platforms, and Databases


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Commitment to Problem-Solving and Customer Service



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