Using Frictionless Change Data Capture to Build Scalable Data Ecosystems 

Stelo Data Integration

Stelo is an enterprise-class tool that dynamically delivers data from anywhere to anywhere for analysis, reporting and prediction or for managing business operations, B2B interactions and supply chains.


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Data Replication

Data replication is the ongoing movement of data from one place to another. Stelo is automated for minimal impact on your IT resources. Our dynamic change data capture (CDC) technology meets your needs today and can seamlessly scale to support future business growth.


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Data Migration

Data migration is the one-time movement of data from one place to another. The process can be complex when put into practice, especially for organizations handling high-volume transactions. Learn how Stelo can help you define and launch a successful data migration plan.


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Delta Lakes

Flow your data into a unified ecosystem: Stelo automatically merges high-volume enterprise data streams without cumbersome coding. Seamlessly streamline structured and unstructured data into managed data lakes or data lakehouses while optimizing cost-efficiency and scalability.


Deployment Models

Whether you want to replicate your data to a single destination or many, Stelo has a deployment model that fits your needs.

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Data Replication Buying Guide

Choosing the right data replication vendor is a decision that IT professionals cannot afford to get wrong. If you pick the wrong solution, then you can expect nightmarish production downtimes, ballooning costs, and time-consuming rebuilds. Read our guide to quickly differentiate which vendors will offer value over time and which ones will create headaches time and time again. We address key considerations regarding total cost of ownership, product features and performance, and support, including essential questions such as:

  • Where does the processing happen?
  • Can I customize what I replicate?
  • What happens if connectivity is lost?
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Support Features

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Accessible Support

Quick support is available for training, troubleshooting, version updates, and data replication architecture. 24/7 Urgent Incident Support is included in annual subscriptions.

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Highly Experienced Team

Stelo’s technologists have more than 30 years' experience developing reliable data software. Whether you need basic support or have a tricky technical challenge, we can work with you to solve any problem.

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End-to-End Proficiency

Our team has detailed knowledge of every data platform we support and can troubleshoot end-to-end replication pairing in heterogeneous environments to ensure the pairings are working properly.

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Constant Evolution

Unlike some other solutions, Stelo won't go out of date. New source and target types are continuously added through active updates to stay compatible with emerging market requirements.

Software Developer Benefits from Real-time Data Connectivity in the Cloud with Stelo

This customer needed to scale its in-house IBM Db2 database system to provide remote employees with fast, reliable access to shared company data without sacrificing data security or integrity. The Cloud-based solution entailed transferring its customer relationship management (CRM) and support-tracking applications to Amazon Web Services. Most importantly, the newly architected system required the ability to maintain a local hot backup without service interruptions. Stelo delivered the following results:

  • Remote employees now have reliable, secure 24/7 access to all corporate data
  • Real-time access to 50,000 customers and their data is instantly accessible
  • Cloud storage with authorized access gives optimal flexibility and security

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