Business Dashboards

With increasing computer-processing power, businesses are dealing with limitless data. Business dashboards visualize and present an easily digestible view of business performance to help with strategic decision making. You want to analyze your business; Stelo will ensure your data is where you need it, when you need it. From daily reporting to rapid month-end reports, Stelo seamlessly powers your data visualization application.

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Low Production Impact

Avoid running data analysis queries off your production source by offloading data to BI applications. Our software typically utilizes less than 1% CPU load.

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Connect your data to ensure accurate analytics. Proven compatibility with data visualization and analytic tools including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Exasol.

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Easy Deployment

Effortlessly set up data replication to your BI tools without programming or source expertise. Stelo automatically populates your data warehouse.

Power Data Intelligence Centers with Real-Time Data Replication

Power Data Intelligence Centers with Real-Time Data Replication

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) used Stelo + Tableau to streamline operations and save its IT team at least 25% more time.


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Accurate Data

Eliminate lagging and inaccurate batch reporting. Reliably balance high performance with lossless change data capture (CDC) and apply for immediate visibility.


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Responsive Data

Transform data in transition without requiring complex programming. Alter, add, and drop schema changes are instantly replicated. DDL alert notification options are included.

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Controlled Data

Stelo can partition data on a row and column level so you can specify the relevant dataset for each end user.

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Heterogeneous Data

Deliver data from any open database connectivity (ODBC) source to your business dashboards. Cloud and on-premise options include relational and NoSQL database compatibility.

Stelo Streamlines High-Volume Analytics Reporting in the Financial Market

An international financial lending and management institution with around 62,000 employees in 120+ countries serviced clients spanning credit organizations, government monitoring agencies, and loan providers. Service transactions generated enterprise-level, high-volume reporting such as sending daily financial reports and providing 24/7 access to real-time data.

The credit management team compiled millions of financial transactions into comprehensive reports using a laborious, time-consuming process that involved accessing records from each client institution. Stelo now mediates all business transactions between a remote IBM iSeries database and a local business center, providing a more streamlined way to produce reports. Stelo delivered the following results:

  • A decrease in data turnaround time by 75%
  • Savings of $5,000/month using a public network
  • A reduction in the time needed to generate 100+ daily reports
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“We use an IBM DB2 ERP system and needed near realtime reporting via Microsoft SQL Server. We needed table to table, near real-time incremental replication... the Stelo proof of concept answered most of the questions we had, and Stelo just worked... we learned that the UI is deep, the deeper you go the more configuration capabilities there are.”
Andrew Coffman
SQL DBA at Winsupply Inc.
“We wanted a solution that would replicate data from heterogenous databases (mainly Oracle) to a SQL database [for our healthcare data analytics solution]. There weren’t many products out there that had credibility as well as affordability.”
Vivek Krishman
Chief Technology Officer at Alcidion
“We had to find another tool that could a) handle the volume of data and number of databases, b) offer near real-time data in our data warehouse and c) lower the administration effort. Stelo solved all the challenges above and met all the critical success factors. The incremental update capability in particular solved the volume and latency issues"
Daniel Nienaber
Team Leader Collaborate Platform at Big Dutchman Service GmbH

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