Stelo Streamlines High-Volume Analytics Reporting in the Financial Market

An international financial lending and management institution with 62,000 employees in more than 120 countries came to Stelo for data replication support. Their clients are credit organizations, government monitoring agencies, and loan providers that offer services to consumers and businesses in the form of loans, credit lines, and asset-based lending. They service their clients in a variety of ways which results in enterprise-level high-volume transactions and reporting. This includes sending daily financial reports as well as the providing 24/7 data access in real time. 

The credit management team accessed the loan and credit records of each client institution from a remote IBM for i (formerly iSeries) using Microsoft Access, compiling millions of financial transactions into comprehensive reports. This system was a labor-intensive time-consuming process, requiring the company’s employees to first download the source data into text files and then import them to Microsoft Access. 


The transaction conversion and reporting procedure was cumbersome, taking nearly one hour per report. This system became increasingly inadequate as the number of financial transactions increased and employees began running more than 100 daily reports, relying on a slow WAN connection. A more streamlined and expedient way to compile and deliver reports was crucial to improve productivity. 


Initially, this company worked with Stelo to move data from the remote IBM for i across the public network to a local SQL server. Accessing this data warehouse provided superior performance for the local users without sacrificing timeliness of the data. Subsequently, an application server was then deployed utilizing Stelo for Java to drive transactions back to the remote IBM for i. The result is they are now using a complete Stelo solution to mediate all business transactions between the remote IBM for i and the local business center.

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Real-Time Data

Stelo implementation decreased data turnaround time by 75%.


Reduced Spending

Use of a public network over private circuit saved $5,000 per month.


Enhanced Service

Greatly reduced time needed to generate 100+ daily reports.


Business Dashboards Icon_Noun 2956753_White Daily Reports Are Now Available Within Seconds Not Hours

Stelo efficiently replicates data directly from the centralized iSeries to the SQL Server and avoids the cumbersome labor-intensive data conversion. The implementation of Stelo has decreased the data latency by 75% and provides clients with reliable real-time reports. The reduction of overhead and the faster turnaround has enabled the company to provide additional value-added services to their customers.

Data Integrity Icon_White SSL Encryption Allows Sensitive Data to Be Transferred with Confidence

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an industry standard cryptographic protocol that provides communication security over the Internet. Stelo supports the security provisions of the host computer preventing unauthorized use, while safely transferring account and credit card numbers across the public network. Use of the public network saved $5,000 a month compared to a dedicated private circuit.

Real-Time Data_Noun 4636076_White Real-Time Web-Based Applications Improved Customer Service

The Stelo configuration gave users more powerful ways to streamline report generation, implement client systems such as web applications, and improve client service by providing real-time reliable data. The Stelo solution was superior to accessing native IBM for i applications across a relatively slow WAN connection.

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