Stelo Powers Data Intelligence Center with Real-Time Data Replication

The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) is a national non-profit committed to environmental preservation and hunting heritage. Since 1973, the organization has expanded its mission through national fundraising banquets and membership efforts, growing to 2,350 chapters nationally. Historically, all local membership and accounting information was stored and distributed on the main IBM for i (formerly iSeries) in South Carolina.

The few IBM for i “power users” on staff wrote various queries for all the departments at the NWTF and were increasingly overwhelmed with requests. They needed to make query data accessible to non-tech staff to free them up to focus on more strategic tasks. 

“Our users have come to expect Windows-like functionality, not a green screen. We wanted to get the data out and make it accessible to all chapters in a user-friendly way.”
Stelo IT Director Dan-1
Gregory R. Werner

IT Director


The NWTF needed a simple SQL-based reporting tool, so they implemented the business intelligence and analytics visualization software, Tableau. At first, the IBM for i data was pulled to SQL server using ODBC, but as Werner explains, “we were having difficulty aggregating the data and making it accessible across our member organizations.” The management team needed an expedient way to distribute vital business data across departments without depending on overtaxed employees or IT managers.


The NWTF contacted Stelo, and in less than a day, Stelo was replicating data from the IBM for i to SQL Server. Using Tableau, the IT department created personalized departmental dashboards and preconfigured reports. In a few simple steps, the IT department went from manual report generation to an automated data replication system that produced visually accessible reports.

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Time Saved

The IT team saved at least 25% of their time running queries.


Data Intelligence

The Stelo + Tableau solution created a data intelligence center, streamlining all NWTF operations.


Better Prioritization

With department managers able to access the data intelligence center, they have more time to focus on increasing membership and donations.


Automated Data Modeling Icon_Noun 2639395_White Reduced IT Workload

With Stelo, the IT “power users” saved at least 25% of their time, enabling them to devote attention to other responsibilities. Greg Werner explains, “It’s set it and forget it. I no longer need to babysit the data. I go in there and everything is green and working, giving us the confidence that the replication is happening under the surface and giving us up-to-the-second data.”

Multi-Threaded Loading Icon_Noun 3263022_White Connected Disparate Data Sets

As a national non-profit, tracking local membership and donation information is a top priority. With the previous infrastructure and limited out-of-the-box SQL reporting tools, the NWTF did not have the ability to link donations from membership sign ups to the general ledger and then back to the local events and initiatives. “Now the local chapters know who their members are, along with their individual contributions.”

Business Dashboards Icon_Noun 2956753_White Big Data for Big-Picture Decisions

The real-time replication component allows board members to make accurate and swift management decisions. Stelo gives the management staff the ability to make comprehensive decisions based on local finances and membership details. And the regional membership managers can get a complete representation of activity in their area and drive development. As Werner sums up, “We can’t ask the questions and improve if we can’t see the data. That’s why the data availability is the biggest thing for us.”

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