Secure and Flexible Data Connectivity in the Cloud with Stelo

This software developer specializes in connectivity software for the commercial market. Initially, all departments shared data hosted by IBM UDB V9.5 for Windows, but with an increasing number of remote employees, a cloud-based architecture was needed to give employees better dependability and fast remote access to company data, such as customer records and technical documentation.


The in-house application needed to be re-architected to provide remote access to employees with reliable and secure internet connectivity. The foremost need of this newly architected system was to have the ability to maintain a local hot backup with no service interruptions. Other requirements included transferring a customer relationship management data application and a service-tracking application to Amazon Web Services (AWS).


The solution is comprised of three enterprise systems, including Stelo, which facilitates the exchange and two-way replication of data between networks. The primary system is an AWS EC2 instance running Linux and IBM DB2 UDB for Linux UNIX & Windows. A secondary system is an identically configured local virtual machine (based upon VMWare) running Linux and IBM DB2 UDB. Third is a VMware-based virtual machine running Windows Server 2008R2 and Stelo - the centralized configuration and control system that mediates the exchange of data between the primary and secondary systems.

All connections to the primary system use Stelo for SSL-encrypted connections. If loss of connectivity is detected by any of the three systems, the Stelo automatic recovery feature is triggered, and email notifications are sent to the system administrator. Stelo is installed on both the primary and secondary systems to capture any changes to the local database. Stelo then collects and applies the changes to the paired systems, in real-time, automatically resolving duplicate transactions. Updates may be applied to any system along with a fully synchronized image maintained on the paired DBMS.

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Global Access

Remote employees now have reliable, secure 24/7 access to all corporate data.


Real-Time Data

Real-time access to 50,000 customers and data records are accessible in real time.


Secure Flexibility

Cloud storage benefits plus authorized access give ultimate flexibility and security.


Support Icon_Noun 2349659_White Real-Time Customer Support

Stelo monitors incremental changes without taking the primary system offline to perform backup functions. This change data capture feature gives the customer support team access to the most recent customer data without delay.

Near-Zero Footprint Icon_Noun 1465960_WhiteNo Impact on Host System

By decreasing the data load on the local system, the engineers can perform performance stress testing on the local network without contending for CPU resources. Stelo’s Ultra-Thin Server™ technology gives engineers the freedom to innovate without worrying about the demands of the current data infrastructure.

Data Integrity Icon_White Provide Only Authorized Access to Sensitive Data

The sales team has the confidence to store customer information in the cloud and trusts that this data will not be lost or replicated without proper authorization. The architecture of Stelo supports existing security mechanisms while controlling and limiting access to sensitive information only as permitted by the operating system, database system, and network.

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