Business Intelligence

Bridge your isolated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Your stakeholders depend on accurate data to manage business operations, B2B interactions, and supply chains. Stelo reliably syncs from any open database connectivity (ODBC) source to power your business. Facilitate real-time tracking and logistics while remaining flexible to efficiently adapt or scale as your data architecture needs evolve.

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Fast, Efficient

Easily transition disparate data into a single platform to empower your team with quick access to information they need to do their jobs.

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Data Resilience

Avoid connectivity failures: if a connection breaks, then checkpoint and restart features ensure no data is lost, without needing to re-baseline.

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Flexible Deployment

Licensing based on the capacity required— not the characteristics of the source or destinations. Deployment models scale as your data ecosystem grows.

Consumer Electronics Retailer Inventory Automation Case Study

Real-Time Inventory Management & Insights

A distribution company selling over half a million products, parts, and accessories employed Stelo to power their SQL-based e-commerce website and provide accurate reporting data without placing additional load on their IBM Db2 for i source system.


Heterogenous Replication Icon_Noun 2068745_GreenHeterogeneous Replication

Flexible Deployments

Enterprise-level data integration requires compatibility across diverse on-premise and cloud systems. Stelo supports all source and destination types.

Automated Data Modeling Icon_Noun 2639395_GreenAutomated Data Modeling

Easy, Efficient Process

Transform data in transition without requiring complex programming. Alter, add, and drop schema changes are instantly replicated. DDL alert notification options are included.

Near-Zero Footprint Icon_Noun 1465960_GreenNear-Zero Footprint

Low Production Impact

Ultra-low CPU load: No software is installed on sources or destinations. Liberate your mission-critical IT systems and streamline your BI infrastructure.


Data Scalability Icon_Noun 1304652_GreenFlexible Licensing Model

Efficient Scalability

Add anywhere-to-anywhere adaptability: Redirect data or add destinations when demands grow or priorities shift. Connect further tools later without additional licensing costs.

Stelo's Real-Time Efficiencies Keep Orders and Operations Flowing

US Foods, one of America’s largest food processing and distribution companies, operates stockyards and food processing plants across the US, accumulating nearly 70,000 transactions daily between each processing plant and headquarters. Before Stelo, any break within the network created an order backlog, and production would cease. Stelo's solution minimized production time and enabled processing to continue even with failed network connections. Stelo delivered the following results:

  • Individual locations gained instant access to order data to speed production
  • Production flows achieved real-time continuous connectivity
  • Proactive email notifications helped thwart potential issues
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We can do full or incremental loads on millions of rows with near real time Data Replication. Stelo is just so fast compared to any other tool. They also health-check our system and train our team online. We are a Berkshire Hathaway company and we talked to another Berkshire Hathaway company that already used Stelo – we took their recommendation to do the same.”
Data Engineering Tech Delivery Manager at a Berkshire Hathaway Company
“We licensed anywhere-to-anywhere Data Replication and lots of folks in our company started to use Stelo. Stelo uses just 0.2-1% of the source system CPU so it is very possible. We were very surprised and pleased at the low footprint/overhead on the source DB.”
Kris Roux
Data Warehouse Developer at MMI Shared Services
“The Stelo proof of concept answered most of the questions we had, and Stelo just worked. The GUI let us easily pick the schema we wanted, and we learned that the UI is deep, the deeper you go the more configuration capabilities there are. Latency was excellent, and scaling was great.”
Andrew Coffman
SQL DBA at Winsupply Inc.

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