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Inventory Automation and Real-Time Access Improve Retailer's Productivity

A discount retailer of consumer electronics had ten retail showrooms located in multiple states across the southern United States. At each retail and warehouse outlet, the company uses Window servers running Microsoft SQL Server to input and view inventory and sales data. The records from these locations were being transferred to the central IBM for i (formerly iSeries) server using a commercially available data capture tool.

When large amounts of data were transferred, if the transfer was somehow interrupted, resynchronization of the database could take up to 48 hours. The system administrators would spend a tremendous amount of time manually verifying and entering the records. Additionally, all inventory information was not readily accessible to employees and customers during the re-synchronization process.


The client needed a unified system to access company-wide inventory and sales records more quickly on a real-time basis for its $8 million inventory. Workers also needed an automated and more efficient process to access data residing on the central IBM for i server from the various locations to monitor inventory and sales data in real-time.


This company now employs Stelo for the IBM for i server and Microsoft SQL Server. The solution uses bi-directional replication to facilitate the exchange of inventory data between the warehouse systems and the stores. Stelo provides incremental replication which reduces the amount of data that is transferred. In addition, it allows the replication to occur more quickly and frequently.

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Streamlined Process

A 70% reduction in administrative time to verify inventory and sales data – real-time access now delivering better autonomy and accuracy.


Reduced Spending

Traded two expensive data transfer and inventory management point solutions for one integrated less expensive solution.


Secure Flexibility

Multiple deployment models and unlimited source and destination connections proved a customized solution, in-step with company growth.


Automatic Restoration Icon_Noun 4647448_WhiteResynchronization Takes Hours, Not Days

Stelo extracts changes in inventory and then inserts, updates, and deletes the destination data as appropriate to keep it mirrored with the source data. This way, the business is not halted while a database batch resynchronization occurs.

Automated Data Modeling Icon_Noun 2639395_White Verifying Data No Longer Requires Manual Intervention

By employing Stelo, the most significant benefit has been a 70% reduction in DBAs' administrative time to verify data.

Business Dashboards Icon_Noun 2956753_White Effortless Access to the Latest Sales Reports

With minimal overhead on the IBM iSeries server, inventory and sales data is replicated in real time, allowing for current inventory reports from all locations, generated independently of data updates. Stelo automatically manages the data transfer from multiple locations, enabling reports to be generated directly from the IBM for i server.

Rapid Deployment Icon_Noun 3967969_White Rapid Deployment

Even with multiple locations using both 32- and 64-bit environments, the Stelo implementation took less than two days. Stelo is simple to navigate and runs on a standard Windows system.

Flexible Deployment Icon_Noun 4351350_White Straightforward Installation

Before Stelo, this company struggled with an expensive, inefficient data transfer tool. The Stelo license model, which does not constrain source and destination pairings, is the most economical solution available, especially when compared to other inventory management products on the market. 

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