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Database Replication with SQDR

Too many ad hoc queries bogging down your database server? Have a new web service to bring up fast – in weeks not months? Need to re-engineer your existing database infrastructure without breaking existing applications?

Find out how you can move your existing workload to low-cost Wintel-based solutions using StarQuest’s SQDR – and free up precious resources on your database server and improve overall user experience!

SQDR can help with data replication no matter what database platform or OS you are using: IBM Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or iSeries.

SQDR Version 4 features an ultra-low server footprint – with zero prior experience required to attain the best real-time replication results available in the marketplace. At a surprisingly affordable price, SQDR is designed to provide the top performing, real-time, low impact and heterogeneous replication solution for Intel DB2 for iSeries, DB2 for LUW, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Informix, and Oracle users.

Utilizing client-server technology, SQDR acquires changed data from the database server and stages the data on low cost Wintel hardware with millisecond latency. No data is staged on the host, minimizing host CPU and disk utilization! This staged data is published using Unicode encoding – ensuring that the data is delivered with the greatest fidelity to subscribers.

The creation of data silos – by different vendor products – such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Informix, IBM DB2, MySQL, etc., is readily accomplished in conjunction with native DBMS replication and extraction tools – such as Microsoft SQL Server Replication, Oracle Data Warehouse, etc.

The software is easily installed and configured – creating all necessary destination tables automatically, with initial table loads and real-time synchronization created within hours.  All installation, management and configuration actions are based upon a graphical interface. With automatic alerts, schema change detection and built-in restart/recovery, the SQDR solution provides the best price-performance profile for customers in the market for heterogeneous, real-time Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle replication.


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