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Offloading Reporting With Real-Time Data Replication

Offloading Reporting with Real-Time Data Replication
Legacy IBM DB2 or Oracle databases process transactional data as well today as they did ten or even twenty years ago. These machines are secure and interwoven into the information technology infrastructure of most mature companies. So why is there such a rush to move to the cloud?


Business intelligence and other advanced analytics require large volumes of data, often in real time, and legacy machines simply cannot meet the challenge economically. These systems are expensive to upgrade and are often operating near capacity. This presents IT professionals with a difficult paradox: adopt new IT infrastructure and risk disruption of mission-critical functions or maintain existing infrastructure and miss out on the latest and greatest in BI.

Real-time replication with StarQuest data Replicator (SQDR) offers IT pros a third option: replicate data in near real-time to a data store better suited to analytics. SQDR specializes in heterogeneous replication so it reliably replicates from IBM DB2 or Oracle to, say, MS SQL Server or a big data store such as Hadoop while maintaining sub-second latency. SQDR performs change data capture (CDC) on an intermediate server, which ensures a near-zero footprint on the production machine.

Let’s say, for example, that a logistics company is using an AS400 to track packages on its warehouse floor and wants to use Tableau to analyze the efficiency of its shipping processes. In this use-case, SQDR would replicate the DB2 data to MS SQL Server seamlessly where the Tableau software would crunch the data. This replication pairing could be relied upon for years without any need for user intervention. This is a win-win-win scenario for the IT team: minimal investment of IT resources, zero disruption of mission-critical operations, and all the benefits of advanced analytics.

SQDR can perform heterogeneous data replication between most relational and non-relational data stores. If you would like to learn more about Offloading reporting with SQDR? Please contact StarQuest.

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