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SQDR Update: Version 4.6 Now Available

StarQuest is pleased to announce the release of SQDR V4.6 which includes performance enhancements and new features that simplify data migration from other data replication products such as IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture (DataMirror), Dell SharePlex and Oracle GoldenGate.

Highlights of V4.6 include:

• Optimization of staging data by comparing before and after images (DB2 for i source)
• Support for Minimize Entry Data (MINENTDTA) journals (DB2 for i source)
• Enhancements to derived column macros
• Ability to import column definitions
• Support for Delete as Update audit function
• Support for SSL connections to DB2 for i

Major enhancements include the following benefits:

• Significantly reduces the amount of data transferred from the source system to the SQDR system. A new configuration parameter compareChangeData enables the optimization of staging data by instructing the Staging Agent to compare before and after images and transmit only the columns that contain data that has changed. This feature is available for DB2 for i sources, and requires that the journal be configured for *BOTH (before and after images).

• SQDR V4.6 can now use a journal configured using CHGJRN MINENTDTA(*FLDBDY) (Minimize Entry Data, Field boundary) to minimize the amount of journal data stored on the IBM i source system.

• The list of available macros has been greatly expanded to include data such as JED (journal entry detail) elements and additional forms of load and update timestamps. When creating a subscription, SQDR administrators can define derived columns to be created in the destination table. These columns may be based on any valid source DBMS SQL expression or a macro representing SQDR Plus capture metadata.

• The table import features and column mapping definitions imports, including derived columns, have been simplified. Database designers can easily create comprehensive lists of tables and column definitions to be supplied to the SQDR administrator for implementation of the desired subscriptions.

• The Treat Delete as Update feature can be used for auditing purposes. When a row is deleted in the source, the row is not deleted on the destination, and only derived columns, such as modification timestamps, are modified.

• New SSL configurations for public networks. SQDR Plus can now be configured to use an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to the DB2 for i source system; this is often desired or required when communication between the SQDR system and the source system travels over a public network.

Version 4.6 of SQDR is available to all customers with a current maintenance agreement for no additional charge.
If you are not yet a StarQuest SQDR customer and want to learn more, please visit our SQDR page or contact us for a demo.